Active Metairie Art Guild members are encouraged to participate in our
    contest by bringing their original painting to our membership meeting.
    The artist who scores the highest points throughout the year will receive
    the prestigious honor of the Metairie Art Guild's ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

    Rules for our Artist of the Month Contest:
  • Your painting must be registered before the start of the meeting.
  • Membership dues must be current to participate.
  • Current ARTIST OF THE YEAR is not eligible to participate the
    following year.
  • Every member who brings in a painting receives one point.
  • 1st Place receives an additional 3 points.
  • 2nd Place receives an additional 2 points.
  • 3rd Place receives an additional 1 point.

    Voting takes place during MAG meeting intermission. The winners'
    picture will be in the newspaper.

    The Guild sponsors both judged and "selling only" art shows. Refer to
    the MAG Yearbook for rules and regulations for the shows.

MAG Artist of the Year 2017 - Terry Marks
Terry J. Marks, Sr.
2017 Awards
Artists of the Month
November 2018
1st: Toni Tyndall
2nd: Donna Richard
3rd: Yvonne Jones
Artists of the Month
October 2018
1st: Gerry Claude
2nd: Toni Tyndall, Kathleen
Thomas and Donna Richard
3rd: Yvonne Jones
Artists of the Month
September 2018
1st: Toni Tyndall and
Jackie Budde
2nd: Gerry Claude and
Donna Richard
3rd: Sheila Chauvin
Artists of the Month
June 2018
1st: Lynne Cochran and
Gerry Claude
2nd: Sheila Chauvin
3rd: Frances Shelton, Reggie
Heisler and Barbara Hayes
Artists of the Month
May 2018
1st: Donna Richard and Toni
2nd: Lynne Cochran
3rd: Marta Ittenbach
Member Art Show
May 2018
1st: Barbara Hayes
2nd: Bruce Housey
3rd: Lynne Cochran
HM: Maurice Stockton
HM: Reggie Heisler
MAG Artist of the Month 4-2018
Artists of the Month
April 2018
1st: Barbara Hayes
2nd: Jacki Budde
3rd (tie): Donna Arbelle, Jules
Chatelain, Sr. and Lynne
Artist of the Month 2018-03
Artists of the Month
March 2018
1st: Gerry Claude
2nd (tie): Barbara Hayes and
Donna Richard
3rd (tie): Rose McCann and
Kathleen Thomas
2018-02 Artists of the Month-MAG
Artists of the Month
February 2018
1st: Donna Richard
2nd: Toni Tyndall
3rd: Gerry Claude
2018-01 Artists of the Month-MAG
Artists of the Month
January 2018
1st: Donna Richard
2nd: Gerry Claude
3rd: Toni Tyndall