Wayne Bernhard
WAYNE DAVID BERNHARD, born and raised in the New
Orleans area, always had a love for color and unusual
types of paintings.  His mother, Doris Bernhard, was
always involved in art and taught him how to enjoy the
transformation of a blank canvas into a finished product.  
As his love of painting grew, he began to realize his love
for vibrant colors and unusual designs dominated his
paintings. He began to study the works of Peter Max,
Jackson Pollock, as well as other abstract artists.  These
artists influenced his continued love of color and a love for
creating his own style of abstract art.

Art By Wayne

504-578-0408 (Wayne)
504-858-8321 (Cindy)  
He is largely self-taught but has attended many demonstrations and seminars in perfecting the nuisances of
abstract painting.  He is best-known for his works in acrylic and mixed media.  All of his paintings are original
and, in many cases, he cannot duplicate them because of the complicated details in the work.  They are truly
one of a kind.

He exhibits locally at various venues throughout the Greater New Orleans area.  He is a member of several
local art guilds and has won several awards for his paintings.  He hopes to share his enthusiasm for the art of
abstract painting with all, and encourage others to pursue their dreams as he has done.

He has attached a few examples of my paintings and hopes you enjoy them.