Terry Marks
At an early age my creative side emerged when my
parents told me I was obsessed with coloring very neatly,
as well as adding shading and outlines to make items
stand out.

I tried to go into architecture after high school but my
math skills were not very strong. I then leaned toward
commercial art in college, where my lettering professor at
the time told me Advertising Art is where you can make a
decent living. I then switched my major and received my
degree in Advertising Art from Delgado College.

Available for all of your
art needs, give me a call
at 504.722.3932
Switch to more modern times, summer of 2010 while vacationing in Gulf Shores, Alabama with my family, not
being a great sand and beach lover I got some paper and watercolors and started painting in the condo
while everyone else was on the beach. My family was amazed and my painting career was born. I eventually
switched to acrylics as my favorite medium, painting from what I love, the city I was born and raised in, I
saw a niche for local artwork.

I currently own and operate with a partner my own Sign Business and have for the past 40 years. When we
started our business there were no computers, so we designed and hand-painted all of our signs. So when I
started painting fine art in 2010 it made me realize how much I missed having a brush in my hands.

I currently belong to Jefferson Art Guild, Metairie Art Guild and New Orleans Art Association. I have won
"Artist of the Month" multiple times from Jefferson Art Guild as well as New Orleans Art Association in 2013,
2014 & 2015. I was voted the Artist of the Year for Metairie Art Guild for 2015. These awards are very special
to me since it comes from  peers, who are very, very talented - it is a humbling experience to say the least.

I view painting as a very relaxing stress reliever. When I get involved in a project I go to a different place, I
guess you could say "into my canvas" and divert all of my energy into completing it. Hope you enjoyed me
sharing my biography with all of you and remember “paint with your
Hands, but from your Heart”.