Metairie Art Guild is a non-profit organization which
    has been in existence for over 50 years.  Our objective
    is to educate persons with common interests in various
    media of art.  We meet together for study, discussion
    and to encourage the talent of the membership.  Our
    membership is diverse in nationalities, which allows
    us to learn more of other cultures.  

          We take pride in our organization by volunteering
    our time and talents to numerous fund-raisers in Jefferson
    Parish.  Our presence in the Parish is known as many
    of our members are instructors, teaching art in after
    school programs, kids' summer camps, parish play-
    ground art programs, leisure service art programs and
    private lessons.

          Our goal is to promote knowledge and participation
    in the visual arts by the community through exhibitions,
    teaching programs and workshops.  We hold a public
    exhibition of fine art three times a year.  Our focus is to
    provide art activities for community members who have
    limited art experiences.
Metairie Art Guild