Art has always been my passion,
especially New Orleans Scenes.  
When I was young and visited the
French Quarter I was
fascinated by the artists that
painted around Jackson Square. In
the sixties, I purchased a painting
from an artist in Jackson Square
and today, after more than 60
years, that painting still gives me
an uplift everyday.

Taking action: Several years ago I
joined the Kenner Leisure Services
Program called Paint for Fun.
Having no formal training in art, I
learned a lot through workshops
and various local artists.

I have developed my own sense of
style and technique that uniquely
seems to fit in with other artists.
This is what makes the world go
around, just loving what you do,
and learning something new, each
and everyday. It really brings that
old saying into a new light,
“different strokes for different folks.”

Statement of Purpose: I am in
awe of the great talent that
surrounds me in this Art Guild and
my hope is to learn just one thing
from each one of these amazing
and exceptionally gifted artists.