Ria Russo
"I don’t know much about art,
but I know what I like." I used
this quotation every year for
thirty-six years to start my art
history lessons at Archbishop
Rummel High School. That
quotation still holds true for me.
What a changing world, this art
phenomenon. There is so much
to know and so much to
discover that the task is never
I have been teaching for the
past forty-two years with the
last thirty-six in Fine Arts at
Archbishop Rummel High
School.  I received my B.A. for
public speaking in secondary
education and my second
major in art at Tulane University
via Newcomb College. My
primary field in the high school
classroom was focused on
ceramics. I studied privately
with Jack Kirkland at Dukirk
Ceramic Studio in New Orleans
and continued my studies at

Other contributors to my art
education are classes from the
University of New Orleans, Holy
Cross College, Delgado
Community College, and the
New Orleans Academy of Fine
Arts. Teachers who have been
a major influence in my work
are M. Douglas Walton, Kathy
Brombacher, Nikki Rue, Patricia
Pilie, Martha S. Guthrie, Tanya
Dischler, and most recently Pat
I am member of several local
art guilds including New
Orleans Art Association,
Metairie Art Guild, the Greater
New Orleans Tole and
Decorative Painting Society,
the Louisiana Art Association,
and I serve as President of the
Jefferson Art Guild, 2009-
2011.  I continue my art
education attending workshops
with nationally acclaimed
painters/instructors and
continue to paint diligently
exploring new techniques while
my primary interest is in
I still search to this day. What I
truly do know is that painting is
wonderful. What a way to
discover what I want to be when
I grow up. The world between
my mind and my brush is a
great place to exist. It is
refreshing, motivating,
stimulating, exciting; in today’s
world, the word is ‘high’.
I've been exposed to art all of
my life. I still can't say that I
know much about it. But I do
know this...I know that I like it.