Reachel Mayeur
Reachel Mayeur is a New Orleans native,
an award winning artist and teacher.  She
dabbled in art during grammar school, in
art classes, constructing costumes and
painting scenery for staged productions.  It
would not be until after she earned a
Tulane degree at night while working full
time, and after renovating her house, that
she would finally begin immersion into art
through classes, life drawing, teaching and
workshops, truly beginning her pursuit into
creative and fine arts.  

Reachel has the privilege of having her
work hangs in private collections
throughout the United States.  She has won
many awards for her watercolors and
detailed graphite drawings.  She is a
published photographer and drawing
teacher.  She enjoys watercolor, acrylic,
charcoal, pastels, calligraphy and
photography.  At the New Orleans
Academy of Fine Arts she has studied
figure drawing, sculpture, photography,
and has studied watercolors with such
nationally known artists such as Don
Andrews, Judi Bettes, Paul Jackson and
Linda Kemp.   Her local influences have
been such greats as Doris Cowan, Alan
Flattmann, Robert Gutherie, Mickey
Mullen, Kathy Stone, and Glen Weber.  
Reachel is available for both private and
group drawing classes.  Reachel can be
reached at Post Office Box 10134,
Harahan, LA  70181-0134, 504-835-5023
or 504-432-9567.

Reachel Mayeur
3/2008 - Artist of the Month, 2nd  Place,
West Bank Art Guild, “Wild Iris Nights”

8/2008 - Artist of the Month, 3rd  Place,
West Bank Art Guild, “Who Are You
Kidding?” (watercolor)

9/2009 - Honorable Mention Under Glass,
Louisiana Artist Association, “Wild Iris
Nights” (watercolor)

9/2009 - Honorable Mention Under Glass,
Louisiana Artist Association, “Cry Me A
River” (watercolor)

10/2008 - Honorable Mention, Under
Glass, River Region Art Association, Who
Are You Kidding?” (graphite)

9/2009 - Artist of the Month, 2nd  Place,
St. Charles Art Guild, “Who Are You
Kidding?” (graphite)

10/2009 - Artist of the Month, 1st  Place,
St. Charles Art Guild, “Hot Fun In the
Summer Time” (watercolor)

11/2009 - Artist of the Month, 2nd  Place,
St. Charles Art Guild, “A Pair of Three”

3/2010 - Artist of the Month, Louisiana
Artist Association, “Who Are You
Kidding?” (watercolor)

9/2010 - Artist of the Month, St. Charles
Art Guild, “Upon the Field of Poppies”

9/2010 - Honorable Mention, Louisiana
Artist Association, “Catch Me While You
Can” (acrylic)

12/010 - Artist of The Year, Louisiana
Artist Association