(reprinted from Times-Picayune July 21, 2005)
Gallery features pair of local artist
  Kenner Display runs to Sept. 7

By Christine L Borderlon
Kenner Bureau
Two Local artists unveiled their artwork Saturday at
the Friends of Rivertown Fine Art Gallery in Kenner.
Paul Dugas, a watercolorist and acrylic artist from
Metairie, and oil painter William "Bill" Hoyle of
Marrero are the featured artist this summer at the
gallery.  Their work will be on display for sale
through Sept. 7.
"I'm very diversified," Dugas said.  "I do acrylics and
murals, but watercolor is my strong medium.  But I
also do oils."
Dugas, whose mother is Italian, is known as the
painter of Italy or "il pittoro de Italia," because he
often vacations there and leads tours.  That's where
he gains inspiration for some of his works.
Several scenes of Italy, including vistas from Stia in
Tuscany and from the Amalfi Coast.  He also has a
few swamp scenes, a boat scene from Greece and
florals.  A piece titled Floral No. 6 won the 2004
Best in Show at Lakeside Shopping Center.
"Whatever catches my fancy," Dugas said about
what he chooses to paint.  "I do a lot of floral pieces."
Dugas, who is self-taught, began painting in 1988
and discovered he like vibrant colors, especially
deep orange, as seen in a crawfish painting on
display.  Even when he does his watercolors, he
said he doesn't dilute the color much.
"I like bright colors, so I use very little water," he said.
Dugas is vice president of the Metairie Art Guild
and program chairman for the New Orleans Art
Guild.  He enjoys doing large canvases that he
calls"full sheets," thus prompting him to build an art
studio behind his home.  He also does murals and
is credited with 52 feet of walls on the front staircase
of Messina's restaurant.
"To me, art is therapy," Dugas said.
Hoyle, 66, prefers working with oils but experiments
with all media.  His displayed works are a mixture of
nature and landscape scenes, such as swamp and
wildlife scenes and some botanicals.
"I get inspiration from seeing other artists work,
going out on location where I occasionally paint or
taking a picture and painting from a photograph,"
Hoyle said.
His locations of choice include City Park and
Audubon Park in New Orleans, the Lake
Pontchartrain Lakefront, Jean Lafitte National Park
and St. Francisville.
In Kenner, his work appears with those of Hoyle, a
member of the New Orleans Art Association and the
Metairie Art Guild.
Hoyle began painting nine years ago just before
retirement as a fleet manager for Louisiana Gas
Service Co, now Atmos Energy.
"All along, I have tired to find time to paint and
draw," Hoyle said of his happy.  "I just enjoy doing it."
Hoyle's paintings have been featured at charity
events at Hope Haven and the EYES art auction.  
He also has  few works on display at Crescent City
Brewhouse and has displayed at local malls and the
World Trade Center.
The two artist were selected to appear at the gallery
by manager Doris Cowman.
"The  idea of the gallery is to promote emerging
artist," Cowman said.  "I belong to all the guilds and
invite members whose work is progressing nicely."
The Friends of River town Fine Art Gallery is at 409
Williams Blvd. in south Kenner.  It is open
Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
For information, call 471-2156.  Dugas' mostly large
canvases range from $200 to $500.  Hoyle's works
range from $85 to $195.