Mary Ann
painting for close to thirty
years. She has studied art in
Europe, and locally has studied
with Auseklis Ozols, Adrian
Deckbar, Darryl Brown,
Daniel Breaux and Roger
Carrington, among others. In
addition, she continues to
attend workshops, expanding
her skills and knowledge. She
believes that an artist never
stops learning and growing.

For the first fifteen years she
enjoyed art as a hobby. For
the past fifteen years she has
been actively involved in
several art guilds and has been
exhibiting her art, with great
success, winning numerous
awards. Her works hang in
many private and corporate

She paints in watercolor, oil,
acrylic and pastel, carefully
choosing the medium which
she believes best conveys the
mood of the work she is
planning, whether it is a
landscape, still life or portrait.

Among her other interests are
gardening, water gardening and
woodworking, which she
believes are all related to her
love of art and creative