Mariloy G. Galle
Bio: Mariloy G. Galle was born in New
Orleans and grew up in a typical shotgun-style
house off Esplanade Avenue.  She married her
high school sweetheart and, after the birth of
their second child, moved to Belle Chasse,
Louisiana.  Ever busy with four children and a
career as a legal assistant, Mariloy always
found time to draw and sketch, even if it was
Ninja Turtles or Little Mermaids.

Training: She eventually was able to acquire a
more formal training in her passion -
watercolor!  This formal training began in San
Diego and was further refined under
watercolor masters such as Terry Madden and
Tony Couch.  Mariloy has also studied at the
New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Credentials: She is a certified, third level,
Susan Scheewe Instructor in watercolor.

Distribution: Mariloy has sold hundreds of
paintings in her career as a watercolor artist
and her paintings hang in private collections in
the Dominican republic, France, Japan,
Mexico as well as throughout  the United

Local: Mariloy also has paintings hanging at
the World Trade Center in New Orleans and
in the Jefferson Parish Courthouse.  

In Her Words: Mariloy would "like to share a
small sample of this watercolor adventure with
you, and I hope you enjoy it."