Carrol J. Hanner has been painting in
oils for 8 years, but has  been doing pen
and ink for over 40 years.

Background: Carroll was born in New
Orleans, going through the public school
system before serving in the U. S.
Navy.  He was a radar navigator in a
Grumman S-2 Navy plane.  He helped
photograph missiles in Cuba while
searching for Russian Submarines.
Carroll retired from ADT with 40 years
of service.  He started painting with oils
for relaxation and enjoyment.

Training:  Carroll attended Delgado
Community College for art classes in
Acrylics, and four more years in
Jefferson Parish for oil.
Art Work: Carroll has been
doing  pen and ink sketching of
Bromeliad Society of New
Orleans.  He just completed the
art work for a booklet
describing  nomenclature and
botanical terms.